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The Mind of a Fox

By Clem Sunter

Clem Sunter is famous in South Africa for scenario planning. He teams up with Chantell Illbury to produce this highly informative book.

The Mind Of A Fox became famous overnight; it received major attention after the September 11 Twin Tower attack because it presented a scenario in which terrorists targetted America during George Bush's presidential term.

Read the book to understand the techniques that allowed this scenario to be considered. The authors were concerned about the problem of the rich millions in conflict with the poor billions.

The style is easy; the book is well worth reading.

Book by Clem Sunter Description:

Many of the world's true leaders in politics, business and sport have succeeded by adopting the mental processes typical of the ingenuity of one of nature's most resourceful animals – the fox. Are these mental processes extraordinary? No. They are perfectly natural, and can be a powerful tool in scenario planning and making decisions.

By drawing on fascinating examples found in business, nature, science, space and sport, the author's provide an analysis of the mind of a fox and identify the two questions you should ask before committing yourself to action: What do you and do you not control?; what is certain and uncertain about the future?

They have constructed an ingenious matrix around these questions, which assists you to identify the rules of the game; assess the key uncertainties; paint scenarios; evaluate realistic options; and thereby make effective decisions.

By Clem Sunter

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