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Services Provided

Managing the Strategic Conversation

As highly experienced, internationally respected authorities on scenario planning and strategy across diverse sectors, I offer a range of general as well as specially tailored services to clients around the world:

Presentations: As speakers I address audiences on the unique and foxy method of strategic thinking which they have evolved over the last 12 years, whilst also presenting the latest scenarios on the global economy, Africa and South Africa. In addition, the implications for specific industries and sectors of society are explored. My presentations are continually evolving as I adapt my latest thinking on the scenarios, flags and probabilities to the changing realities of the external world. My extensive experience allows me to draw on strategic insights developed across many fields such as mining and resources, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, accounting, legal and other professional services, asset management and investment, retail, transportation, industrial and manufacturing activities, and water and food security. In addition, Clem has worked with educational institutions at all levels, as well as NGOs and governments.

Facilitation: Clem facilitates strategic conversations with the executive teams of multinational companies, local corporates, medium and small businesses, and other organisations mentioned above. Facilitation includes the sketching and construction of tailor-made scenarios and the best options to cope with the challenges and risks contained in them (see The Conversation Model for their agenda). The conversation can be over one day, one-and-a-half days, or two days depending on the client's needs.

Training: I design and present modules on scenario planning to MBA students, and courses on scenario planning and strategic thinking for executive education programmes. I also provide in-house company training on scenario planning and strategic thinking.

Mentoring: I individually mentor business leaders and candidates for leadership positions in order to develop their capacity for strategic thinking and the practical use of scenarios in a business environment.

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