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Foxy futurists & how to become one

By Clem Sunter

This book is based on articles the author wrote between May 2009 and September 2010.

However, Sunter says although some of his columns were written as an "impulsive reaction to an event that happened in the world or SA", he had a subconscious theme running through all of them.

Basically, Sunter wants us to become "foxy futurists" where, like the fox, we are constantly sizing up the environment around us to identify opportunities and risks that come from changes taking place around us.

"But more than that, I want them to respond with action, an adaptation of behaviour, strategy or tactics to suit the new circumstances.

"It is the speed of response that ensures the survival of the fox and makes it one of the most successful of species," Sunter adds.

It is fitting that the book is dedicated to the late Steve Biko, who, Sunter says, "linked self-development to self-esteem, a concept that is only now gaining general currency".

This is a book for the uncertain times in which we live and you'll find yourself dipping into it again and again as a guide to manage the volatile world we all face.

Book by Clem Sunter - Description:

What do you call people who are vaguely right about the future, but seldom precisely wrong? Foxy futurists. In the latest in Clem Sunter's top-selling series of books, he explores the methodology of foxy futurists as well as their propensity to turn their thoughts into action.

This title is a collection of his most recent columns, covering topics of general interest, updated and annotated with new insights by this master strategist. It includes possible paths the global economy and South Africa might follow in the years ahead. Packed full of wit and wisdom, Foxy Futurists is a guide to survival and success in these volatile and uncertain times.

By Clem Sunter

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